Most amazing facts about cristiano ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most popular athlete in the world, and also one of greatest soccer player in history. “CR7″ made someamazing records during his inedible career, especially after his transfer to R


eal Madrid. in this article we are going to share with you some of amazing facts about Ronaldo. if you know any other fact about CR, that we haven’t mentioned, let us know below in comment section, we will include with your name. so let’s start:

Some of the Amazing Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo Doesn’t drink, smoke and haven’t any tattoos. (Very rare for a player at that level)

that is some thing very rare for Ronaldo’s level player. i don’t think any other athlete have Ronaldo’s kind of great habits.

No tattoos because he donates blood twice a year and does not want to affect that.

No drinking because his father died of alcohol abuse problems, also because he says he doesn’t want to do something that will hinder his ability to play football. Same reason behind smoking.


Was amazing Player at age of 11 years.

Paulo Cardoso, who was his first coach at Sporting Lisbon, said: “When he got the ball he went past two or three players. At the end of the game the players gathered around him, they knew he was a special kid.

Jose Mourinho likened Ronaldo to Marco van Basten, who was the former Holland striker. Mourinho said: “I remembered the first time when I saw him playing. I told my assistant, this is amazing & he had great technique to sustain and stood out.”

As a teenager Ronaldo would train in the games using weights on either foot or then dribbling with the ball. He thought it would improve his technique because without weights he would be even faster.

Liverpool decided Ronaldo wasn’t good enough a year before he signed forManchester United for £12.2m from Sporting in 2003. After the winger played against United in a friendly Sir Alex Ferguson said: “At half-time I knew I had to sign this boy. He was sensational.”

There is only one Cristiano Ronaldo but there are two Ronaldos. As coach of Brazil,Luiz Felipe Scolari, who worked with the other Ronaldo, said: “I hoped Cristiano would be as good one day. He just doesn’t stop, no matter how much you demand of him.”

During the exhibition match betweenManchester United and Sporting Lisbonafter Sir Alex decided to sign Ronaldo John O’shea was given the task of marking Cristiano Ronaldo as a result of which John had to be given oxygen masks during half time because you can guess what would happened.

Sir Alex Ferguson had no hesitation in handing Ronaldo the No 7 shirt. He said:  “We’ve had some fantastic No 7s, Bryan Robson, Eric Cantona, David Beckham, some wouldn’t want that jersey but his confidence was high even at level of 18. When he made his debut as substitute against Bolton he took the place by storm.”

This is because of George Best, said about him- to write a few times down the years that united number 7s have been compared to me. For the first time it has been a compliment to me. This is probably the greatest compliment a football player can receive.


Stability factor of Ronaldo


He makes 3.000 abs per day. Ronaldo prove him as mass to face all the challenges, because of this he won against professional sprinter Angel David Rodriguez who is Spanish champion for 100 meters in zigzag course.


Ronaldo’s jump is higher than the average NBA basketball player.

When Ronaldo jumps, he generates 5G of G-force on take-off – this is five times the power of a cheetah in full flight. This enables him to reach heights of 44cm in the air from a standing start and 78cm with a run-up – 7cm more than the average NBA player. Just imagine leaping to a height of 78 cms. This was why, when he equalized against Manchester United, his feet appeared to be level with Patrice Evra’s head.

During a full weight training session, the Portuguese star lift the equivalent of over 16 new Toyota Prius cars. Scientists have found that his free-kicks accelerate four times faster than the Apollo 11 space rocket at blast off. Ronaldo will sprint 900 times more in a season than an Olympic sprinter.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s body fat is about 10

Cristiano Ronaldo’s body fat is about 10% less than slims cat’s making him the perfect machine for fast sprinting and athletic courses. During his static jump, he generates five times as much as power as a Cheetah during a fight. His free kick speed is about 13.1 kmph, which is compared roughly with the speed of a space shuttle while launching.


Barack Obama’s Salary

It would take Cristiano Ronaldo just 6 days, 9 hours, 17 minutes and 5 seconds to earn what Barack Obama earns in one year! This is the most powerful man on the planet! he is currently earning £274,000/$452,182 in a week. It would take Cristiano Ronaldo 3 days, 19 hours, 40 minutes and 16 seconds to earn enough money to buy a 911 Turbo S Cabriolet. Ronaldo is the Highest Paid Footballer in the World.


Ronald’s Kindness.

This is a story about Cristiano Ronaldo when he was of tin age. He and his friend were much eager for a spot in an academy of Andorinha in Funchal, Madeira.

“I have to thank my old friend Albert Fantrau for my success. We played together for the same team in the U-18 championship. When a scout came to see us he said that: ‘Who score’s more goals will come in our academy. We won that match 3-0. I scored the first goal then Albert scored the second with a great header. But the third goal was impressive for all of us”. Albert was one on one against the goalkeeper, he rounded the goalkeeper and I was got that spot and went to the academy. After the match I went to him and asked him why? He said that “you are better than me”.

Journalists then went to Albert’s house and asked him if it was a true story. He nodded his head in positive and said that his career has ended after the match as a player after that he is unemployed. “But how did you build this house so great, & you have a car also? You seem like a rich man. You also able keep your family. From where did this come from? ‘Albert more proudly replied: “It is from Ronaldo!”

probably that is the most awesome fact about Ronaldo.


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