Top ten most popular laptop in india

Laptops, which fulfil the innumerable needs of human being, are now regarded as important component of life. Everyday we are hearing about launching of new and new laptops from different companies to the market. So you will be confused with the selection of what you want. we are here to help you to choose a good laptops that is quite suitable for your usage. 

Following is the list of top 10 best laptop brands. The ranking of these laptops based on the sophistication of product, better hardware ad software quality, reliability, warranty assurance and comfort.

Top 10 brands of laptops :-

1) APPLE – 

APPLE is one of the leading laptop brand in India well known for its opulence in terms of both software and costs involved. Its most preferred models are MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. The laptops of APPLE offers unique feature which simply put  it at the top of the list of best laptop brands. From displays to design, keyboard to touch pad, everything is perfect and accurate in MacBook including its battery life in Apple Laptops.

2)SONY – 

Sony has been ruling over the minds and hearts of the users of technological equipments for decades. Sony has always been famous for its high quality products. All its products are known for its feature, design and functionality. Sony launched its laptops under the Vaio name and today many laptops are under this series. Some of the highest selling models are the W-series, the TT- series, the Z-series and the SR-series and so on.

3) DELL – 

On the account of popularity, the laptops of Dell are regarded as most popular around the globe. Their laptops are mostly known for being affordable and offer all basic features. One of the exciting features of Dell laptops is that it allows you to customise your laptop. You can choose the processor, operating system as well as accessories as per your preference.


Samsung is very famous for smart phones and tablets but the company has also made a foot hold in the laptop market with the wide range of powerful devices. This manufacture divides its laptops into five categories i.e. Essential, Ultra portable, High performance, Business and Net book. Other than design audio and video can be good too. Its laptops are 4000 or 5000 cheaper than other laptops in the same category.

5) HP – 

HP is the one of most trusted laptop brand in the world. It has earned popularity and customer’s loyalty on the basis of its better products. Hp laptops are well known for their efficiency along with light weight and bright screen. They usually focus more on their sound and graphics section. HP has done a tremendous improvement in battery technology in its HP Folio 13 laptop which gives continuous 7 hours of battery life with a single charge.

6) LENOVO –  

Lenovo deserves the second best brand in the field of laptops because of its quality and design. At present they are mainly classified their laptops in to three groups. They are think Pad, idea pad and essential. Among these three groups you can find 100s of variety models of laptops from which you can select one based on your needs. Originally Lenovo is a Chinese brand, but it operates through USA where it has a head quarter.

7) ACER – 

Acer is a Taiwanese multi-national hardware and electronics company well known for its inexpensively targeted laptops and computer with good quality. Acer laptops are known for its affordability. The Aspire One series from Acer have been very successful. Laptops from Acer Company are mainly coming under three groups: Ultra thin, Notebooks and Net books. The notebooks have also been pretty popular in India, especially among the students.

8) ASUS – 

ASUS, with the logo of “Inspiring Innovation – Persistent Perfection”, is an Asian brand is a famous for its innovative design. The laptops of Asus are widely famous for their highly sophisticated hardware equipment, innovative software, better display quality, better gaming and other multimedia option. The laptops of Asus are highly user friendly.


With the logo of “Leading Innovation” this Japanese brand is regarded as highly sophisticated and its laptops are always renowned for its features, looks, durability and overall performance. Toshiba is always famous for its entertaining laptops like newly released ‘Toshiba Qosmio X870’. With their latest design they offer many kinds of lightweight laptops  for an extremely affordable price.


Alienware is a brand which offers promising products for its customers. The laptop of Alienware are best known for their reasonable prices, best multimedia and gaming options. Those customer who use the laptops mainly for playing games or other multimedia purposes would find the laptops of this brand is highly competitive and beneficial. Alienware produce best laptops in the world.

Laptops are expected not only to be highly upgraded units specification but it also should be user friendly and easy to carry. choose your favourite brand of laptop above and Leave your comments below..
                            Writer: idris ali
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